Planet Paulines Blog Life Experiences of a professional accredited tour guide from Melbourne Australia. I am an observer. I am a seeker. I am a participant. I do not wear headphones in public places. I am the Black Sheep. I colour outside the lines. I accept the universal law. I do not follow the crowd. I follow the Witches. I believe. The TRUTH is OUT THERE!

Flanders to Brussels 4:20 pm. Chapter 1

After a long drag to the platform, we didn’t even glance at the train sitting stationary in front of us. Our train. The posh female checking tickets for the train to Brussels, haughtily let us on after glancing suspiciously at...

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Hawaii trip 2019. Money exchange.

Here are examples of what we were thinking. OMG. It’s a joke. Why us? Have a look at that! Can this be true? What’s going on! Well, we didn’t really think that. We were thinking other things, silently. We just...

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Hawaii trip 2019. Preparation.

I’m still waiting for the excitement to kick in? Where has it hidden itself? We are on final countdown.  I’m meant to be excited? We have booked our chosen seats on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Remember the old Ansett quote....

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Hawaii Adventure 2018 Chapter Two

JQ1 Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  Jetstar. Melbourne,  Australia to Honolulu Hawaii, USA. Travelling is quite stressful. On the move constantly. Carrying important documents and foreign cash across the globe, protecting them via various means and a load of paranoia, lest they...

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Hawaii Adventure 2018 Chapter One

Hawaii Adventure 2018 Chapter One – PRE FLIGHT ” She packed her bag pre-flight. Zero hour 9 am. And she’s gonna be hiii-ii –igh as a kite by then ” Elton John song. Well, she’s not high, she’s not even...

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Suddenly a remote memory surfaced….of Angus. It simply popped, uninvited, into my head. There I sat, in a very public space, surrounded by this thriving bustle of sidewalk strollers, when a single tear began its unexpected, slow and sad trail down my cheek, threatening to splash, uncontrolled, right into my skinny latte.

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The name is Campbell. Angus Campbell CAT

There is not an item of outdoor furniture I have not tried. Some are better than others. I have heard other mutterings about cat hair on the furniture ( I am a long hair after all ) and I do my best to keep myself well groomed.

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About Planet PAULINE

Bellarine Discovery Tours no longer conducts tours of the Bellarine for the winter months.  The Bellarine Peninsula is a place uniquely situated just an hours drive from Melbourne through the bayside City of Geelong, the jewel on Corio Bay. Called home by me, Pauline,...

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My name is Campbell. Angus Campbell.

My name is Campbell. Angus Campbell. The cat next door is pushing his luck. Up to now we have sat apart, me growling deep in my chest, him just looking. When he poked his nose inside the door however, I launched myself. It was loud. I think I spooked him because this is my patch. He will learn. I can look after myself.